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Kula Ice Cream, San Diego’s Best Ice Cream, Unveils new look at Clark’s SoCal grocery locations

Kula Ice Cream’s new packaging is now available at stores in San Diego, Loma Linda, Rancho Mirage, and Chino, and Kula is also unveiling new novelty ice cream treats at their flagship storefront.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Feb 22, 2022 - Kula Ice Cream, local favorite named San Diego’s Best Ice Cream by San Diego Magazine, unveiled today new packaging and branding to celebrate their launch of new grocery locations throughout SoCal. Pints of Kula Ice Cream are now available at Clark’s Nutrition and Natural Foods Markets. The company’s first grocery locations outside of San Diego County, Clark’s stores are located in Chino, Rancho Mirage, and Loma Linda.

The bright new branding is now showcased at festivals and markets throughout Southern California. The packaging and branding is aimed to highlight that Kula, made locally in San Diego, is always vegan, filled with chunks of gluten-free goodness, and is made to be shared.

“Because of my struggles with food intolerances, I could never enjoy dessert with friends or family, and I always felt left out of gatherings. So, I created what I couldn’t find in the freezer aisle: delicious dairy free ice cream with tons of gluten-free goodies mixed in!” said Libby Lefanowicz, Owner and Founder of Kula Ice Cream. “Two years ago, I seriously could have never imagined that we’d be at Clark’s Natural Foods! I am so proud of the company and our team who have all worked so hard to make ice cream that supports equality in life and in dessert.”

The company also revealed new ice cream novelties available at their flagship storefront. Along with the current menu of 12 vegan and gluten-free ice cream flavors that you can order in a single, double, or triple scoop, in a cup or a housemade vegan and gluten-free waffle cone, the shop added to their menu a number of new ice cream novelties:

  • “Kula Sampler” - four mini scoops of any combination of flavors with a waffle cookie

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches - Select a scoop of any ice cream and sandwich it between two house-made gluten-free cookies

  • Floats - Select a scoop of ice cream and top with your favorite beverage - a classic root beer float, or get creative with a cold brew or a kombucha

  • Shakes - Select your ice cream and your milk base (coconut or almond milk), add some cookies or nuts, blend it all together, and top it off with Kula’s housemade whipped cream, sprinkles and your choice of sauce

  • Cakes - Kula continues to sell their gluten-free and vegan ice cream cakes, perfect for any occasion! Choose your gluten-free cake base, chocolate, vanilla or funfetti, and top with any ice cream. Order cakes a week in advance online or find a pre-made one in stock at the ice cream shop.

  • Dog Friendly Ice Cream - Choose from Kula’s two flavors: pumpkin or peanut butter banana. Pick up a four-pack at their storefront or at local farmers’ markets.

About Kula Ice Cream

When Libby Lefanowicz found out she had to eat a dairy-free and gluten-free diet, she felt excluded from her favorite desserts. And she was not alone. So many people struggle with food intolerances - and regular ice cream won’t cut it! So in 2019 Libby created Kula, the dairy-free frozen dessert that actually tastes like real ice cream and is loaded with gluten-free goodies! Kula means community, and as a conscious vegan brand, we aim to be inclusive in all we do and create a space where all are welcome

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