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Kula is a Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan line of frozen desserts

Kula’s all-natural frozen dessert is purposefully thick, creamy, and indulgent unlike typical vegan ice creams that are light or “airy.”

Always both gluten-free and vegan, our pints are uniquely filled with large chunks of gluten-free vegan goodies, and our noticeably big ice cream sandwiches are made with a thick layer of the most popular flavors, pressed between two soft-baked gluten-free cookies.

All products are made in our own dedicated gluten-free, vegan facility. 

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Our Story

As a San Diego Yogi with a life-long sweet tooth and a struggle with food intolerances, I was inspired by the word Kula, often used by the yoga community to denote inclusion and belonging. I created my own indulgent flavors of vegan gluten-free frozen desserts (dare I say “ice cream”?!) so that anyone can enjoy and delight in desserts again.


Kula offers indulgent ice cream that anyone can enjoy. We’re on a mission to support our staff, customers, and communities so they can to have access to equality and inclusion in their work, life, and ice cream. The “Kula Gives a Scoop” program donates a portion of our sales each month to causes that are nominated by members of our community. (
xo Libby, Founder, CEO Kula

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