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For the Love of Ice Cream

In 2019, Libby Lefanowicz founded Kula, San Diego’s First and Only completely gluten-free and vegan ice cream company with a catch… her dairy-free frozen dessert - actually tasted like real ice cream.


Libby earned her undergraduate degree in Computer Science and found success in high tech but felt uninspired by the male dominated grind of the industry. While she was driven by precision and science, she also held a passion for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.


As a young girl, Libby’s loving family memories were centered around the kitchen table, where love, laughter, and dessert held the spotlight. Dad was the culinary star delivering homemade pies to the table, always with a generous scoop of ice cream.  The ritual was everything, but Libby suffered from dairy and gluten intolerances, and over time, it became so hard for her to not be included in the nightly tradition.


Fast forward to a trip to visit her sister. Libby visited Austin, Texas, and with her sister at her side, they enjoyed a local vegan scoop shop and were nearly instantly inspired. There was an epiphany: Vegan ice cream doesn’t have to taste icy and watered down with any weird aftertaste. It can be indulgent, creamy, and inclusive.


As a student of science, Libby went to work. Why was this dairy free ice cream different and how can she make it better? She was inspired by the task but also personally motivated by the reward. Would she truly be able to enjoy ice cream again?

"Kula" is a Sanskrit word used by the yoga community to denote inclusion and belonging. As a practicing yogi, Libby felt comfort in the word. Kula. As an intentional invitation, Kula intends to open their doors so that everyone feels welcome to enjoy the simple pleasures of ice cream again.

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