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In 2019, Libby Lefanowicz founded Kula, San Diego’s First and Only completely gluten-free and vegan ice cream company with a catch… her dairy-free frozen dessert actually tasted like real ice cream.


For as long as she can remember, Libby has had a sweet tooth. In her childhood, desserts were a treasured part of family meals - Libby’s favorite was apple pie topped with homemade vanilla ice cream. The ritual was everything, but as an adult, Libby suffered from dairy and gluten intolerances and could no longer participate in her family desserts! 


Not only that but any time she hung out with friends or went on a date to get ice cream, Libby was resigned to the one option of gross sugary dairy-free sorbet, even though what she really wanted was sweet cream ice cream loaded with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough! 


And she was not alone. There are so many people today that struggle with food intolerances - and regular ice cream just won’t cut it! There are a few good dairy-free ice creams and a few good gluten-free ice creams but never an ice cream that features BOTH! 


Enter Kula!​

Kula Ice Cream is a dairy free frozen dessert that tastes like real ice cream, loaded with gluten-free goodies! Kula means community, and we make our ice cream with different nuts, seeds, and sweeteners to accommodate different preferences and allergies so that everyone can enjoy dessert!


We are on a mission to support our staff, customers, and communities to have access to equality and inclusion in their work, life, and ice cream. As an allergy conscious vegan brand, we are inspired by the values of inclusion and belonging, and engage with our community to support organizations that promote justice and equality.

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