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Kula Gives a Scoop!

The Scoop on our Community Spotlight

Community is more valuable than ever, and here at Kula, we strive to be strong, thoughtful members of our community. We believe that everyone deserves access to equality and inclusion in their work, life, and ice cream. That is why we take the utmost care to create allergy-friendly ice cream with a wide variety different nut and seed bases filled with gluten-free goodies that everyone can enjoy !

And we don't just talk the talk. Over the past year we have helped to support causes benefiting underserved communities in San Diego, a friend and customer suffering with chronic diseases, and our favorite animal rescue and sanctuary.

We want to spotlight our community members and organizations that diligently care for their communities. We focus on causes related to health, environment and animals but are happy to support anyone in need who’s heart is bigger than a pint of Kula Ice Cream! We would LOVE to host a fundraiser at our storefront for the community leader of your choice.

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