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We’re back with week 4 of Veganuary, and we’re getting Straight To The Pint and making pup cups! If you’re a fur-parent, this is such an easy, low-calorie allergy friendly snack for your pet!

In 2020, My now-husband, Greg, and I adopted our dog Charleston. When I met him he was so scared and timid. And now, he’s so sweet and a part of our little family. Charleston LOVES when I make him these pup cups. I make a big batch and keep it in the freezer. Then, after he’s had a good long play at the park or the beach, he gets a pup cup as a snack!

At the storefront, we carry two different flavors of our pup cup: Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Banana. But feel free to get creative and add in your pet’s favorite flavors! Just be sure to research what you include to make sure that it is safe for dogs!

Today, all you’re going to need is: coconut milk and pumpkin puree and/or peanut butter + bananas.

Are Pup Cups Good For Dogs?

Absolutely! We believe in everything in moderation. Obviously this recipe should not replace a vet recommended food regimen, but this is a dog-favorite, cost-effective treat for your pup! (**Please consult your dog's vet before feeding them anything that might cause an allergic reaction.)

Coconut Milk: in moderation, boosts immunity and decreases inflammation

Pumpkin: is good for dog’s tummies + digestion

Peanut Butter: is a good source of protein and healthy fats


1 cup coconut milk

1 ⅓ cup mashed banana

¼ cup peanut butter


1 cup pumpkin puree


For Peanut Butter Banana Pup Cup:

Add coconut milk, mashed banana and peanut butter to a blender. Blend thoroughly. Pour into mold and freeze.

For Pumpkin Pup Cup:

Add coconut milk and pumpkin puree to a blender. Blend thoroughly. Pour into mold and freeze.

Notes: You can always double the recipe and save the rest for later. Pup Cups are good in the freezer for at least 8 months.


We are highlighting the San Diego Humane Society. They provide services, support, and education to animals, families, and the greater San Diego community. This week at the shop, 20% of sales will be donated to San Diego Humane Society!

We will also be accepting donations for pet supplies this whole week! Drop off donations at our storefront this week whenever we are open. (Plus, every donation gets you to entered into a raffle to win a set of four pup cups and a pint at the end of the week!)

For more information on SD Humane Society donations, learn more here.


Do you have a community member or organization that you’d like to nominate for our Community Spotlight Program? Tell us more here!

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