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Our Mission is to support our staff, customers, and communities to have access to equality and inclusion in their work, life, and ice cream.

We envision a world where no one is judged or persecuted for their beliefs and values and instead lives with a sense of belonging. We imagine a world where everyone can get together over a bowl of ice cream without judgement or exclusion.

Kula is inspired by the ideas of inclusion and belonging. We strive to always be welcoming, inclusive, supportive, safe, and fun. We aim to work daily with integrity, honesty, openness, and respect.

We do this by:

  • Caring about our team. We provide work-life balance, paid time-off, and quality, affordable benefits. 

  • Promoting mental health awareness and supporting these organizations throughout our communities.

  • Supporting organizations that promote justice and equality within our community both locally and globally.

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