Delight in Dessert

This is a love story for the ages. As far back as she can remember, the love spanned through family gatherings and warm California days. Libby's love for sharing desserts made her feel comforted after a hard day and felt like therapy when she enjoyed it with a best friend. 


When Libby found out that her love was causing her acne, inflammation and fatigue, she knew she had to do something to save it. A health-conscious yogi and passionate home chef, Libby started her recipe adventure. Countless nights in a San Diego kitchen she found the combination of ingredients to keep her deep love of ice cream alive.


With the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy dessert, Libby created “Kula", non-dairy frozen desserts, made to be shared.  We are now San Diego's only all vegan and gluten-free ice cream company!  Kula allows everyone to celebrate the sweetness without sacrificing taste.


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