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What is Kula?

Kula is San Diego's only all vegan and gluten-free ice cream company! We hand craft vegan ice cream here in San Diego using a variety of nuts, seeds, and sweeteners to allow everyone to share dessert.

The word Kula in Sanskrit can be translated as "community" and is used by the yoga community to denote a sense of inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated through yoga. A San Diego Yogi, Libby created Kula, her plant-based frozen desserts made to be shared, no matter your allergy, preference, or beliefs. Kula allows everyone to celebrate the sweetness without sacrificing taste.



"Really good ice cream. New to Veganism and it made the transition that much easier for my husband. A great treat with fast delivery. Thanks!"

—  Satisfied Kula Customer

What's your favorite Ice Cream Flavor?! And other important topics...

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