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Who Run The World? GIRLS!

Happy Women’s History Month! This month, we are celebrating and commemorating the vital role of women in American history. Beyonce really summed it up best:

B.I.C.E (Before Ice Cream Era), our founder Libby used to work as a consultant, but quickly grew tired of her role: “I didn’t like working in the male-dominated tech world,” Libby says. “I also always felt that although I had a lot of professional experience, I looked like a younger woman and wasn’t always taken seriously.” More than that, Libby left the corporate world ready to be her own boss: “I didn’t want to just be a cog in the machine,” she says. “I wanted to have a name and a face and give others the opportunity to have this as well.”

And Libby is not alone. The percentage of small business owners who are women has risen in the last several years. Their main reason: wanting to be their own boss (along with pursuing their passions, a dissatisfaction with corporate America, etc.). We are proud to be a woman-owned company and we LOVE to uplift and support our fellow girl-bosses and all women this month by creating access to equality and inclusion in their work, life, and ice cream.

As a way to celebrate and give back to our community, this month, we are donating 20% of our March flavor sales (Mint Chip and Cookies and Strawberry Lemonade) to Planned Parenthood. We are inspired by the values of inclusion and belonging, and engage with our community to support organizations that promote justice and equality, like Planned Parenthood. They deliver vital sexual and reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people. To learn more about Planned Parenthood and how to support their mission, visit their website. And stop by our storefront and weekly farmers markets to pick up a pint or scoop or our March Flavors...they won't last long!

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