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VEGANUARY 2023 - Will You Join Us?

Have you heard about Veganuary? It is a worldwide movement to ditch the meat and switch to plant-based alternatives for the whole month of January!

Why should I try Veganuary?

There are three important reasons to go vegan: to better protect animals, to reduce impact on our planet, and to improve one’s health. The Veganuary team sums it up best: “At its heart, veganism is about compassion – for animals, our planet, ourselves, and each other.” Eating vegan isn’t about excluding others, but about including different people from different backgrounds!

Here at Kula, we recognize that eating a 100% perfect vegan diet is not attainable for everyone for various cultural, religious, and financial reasons. And that’s ok! You don’t need to be perfect to make a positive change! We’re making Veganuary as accessible as possible: not only will we be highlighting vegan-eating, but we will also make our content and food options accessible for those that are gluten-free as well: a Glutanuary, if you will…

So whether you have been a vegan for years or you’re brand new to the idea of plant-based eating, join us the Kula team this month and we will be sharing new and exciting v+gf recipes (no boring tofu salads here!), sharing our favorite v+gf snacks and swaps, and even doing some giveaways with other vegan + gluten-free companies.

For more information about the Veganuary movement, visit their website: or join their Facebook group (use password VGNRY23). Our team also recommends the Happy Cow app for making finding vegan restaurants easy!

Join our mailing list to get all the info first dibs on v+gf recipes, giveaways, and sneak peeks all month long!

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