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San Diego’s Kula Ice Cream Expands to Grocery Stores Across California

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The San Diego-based vegan ice cream brand is now available in grocery stores in Loma Linda, Chino, and Rancho Mirage, with more expansion plans in the future.

Kula Ice Cream is an all-vegan ice cream shop based in San Diego that specializes in gluten-free flavors and sells pints in local retailers. This year, Kula Ice Cream is expanding out of San Diego for the first time.

Kula Ice Cream Available Outside San Diego

Kula Ice Cream is a San Diego-based vegan ice cream shop that was voted “Best Overall Ice Cream in San Diego” by San Diego Magazine in 2021 in its first year of business. The shop specializes in providing delicious treats for people with food intolerances, namely dairy and gluten.

The brick-and-mortar shop in San Diego has been a popular addition to the San Diego vegan food scene, and this year, Kula Ice Cream is ramping up the retail side of their business. You can now find pints of Kula Ice Cream at Clark’s Nutrition stores in Loma Linda, Chino, and Rancho Mirage, as well as a variety of grocers in the San Diego area.

In addition to this expansion, Kula Ice Cream should be launching at additional health food stores later this spring. To find a location near you selling the brand, use Kula’s store locator. And if there’s not a Clark’s Nutrition store carrying the product near you, check out Kula’s Instagram to see what Southern California farmers markets and festivals they’ll be at next.

More Vegan Ice Cream Options in San Diego

Aside from this retail expansion, Kula Ice Cream has also expanded the menu at its brick-and-mortar location. New menu items include gluten-free ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes topped with house-made whipped cream, floats with root beer, kombucha, or cold brew, and even dog-friendly ice cream.

Kula Ice Cream will continue to offer custom ice cream cakes as well as 12 flavors of vegan, gluten-free ice cream in the shop. To see what flavors are currently available, visit

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