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Kula Ice Cream is San Diego's first vegan & gluten-free ice cream shop

SORRENTO VALLEY (KUSI) – Kula Ice Cream is San Diego’s first fully vegan and gluten free ice cream shop. It’s located in Sorrento Valley but you can also find Kula Ice Cream in local stores.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon got a chance to visit the shop and try some of their unique flavors of ice cream. Breann Wong the communications manager for Kula Ice Cream says, “Normally you can find one or the other. Gluten free or vegan. But Kula is both!” Kula now has twelve different flavors to choose from and Kacey McKinnon tried, “unicorn poop” and agreed it was good.

To contact Kula or visit the shop:

TEL: 619-403-3780

9883 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite F San Diego, CA, 92121

Watch the full video here

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