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Kula Desserts Now Available Across Southern California

Kula Desserts, a locally-owned premium ice cream brand, is officially hitting the shelves in Gelson’s across Southern California. The brand is both entirely gluten-free and vegan, with new flavors available just in time for summer.

Kula’s ice cream is San Diego’s first (and only) gluten-free and vegan ice cream brand. The shop specializes in providing elevated sweet treats for people with food intolerances like gluten and dairy. After just four years in the ice cream market, Kula Desserts is now officially at more than 27 Gelson’s across Southern California, including stores in Pacific Beach, Carlsbad, Del Mar and San Diego. This is a major milestone for the San Diego-based boutique brand.

With summer in our midst and the new ice cream tubs in stores all-over SoCal, it only felt right for Kula to announce three new flavors of the frozen treat, loaded with gluten-free cakes, cookies and dough. Lava Cake, with a chocolate-almond base, has gluten-free chocolate cake chunks and chocolate ganache; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough has a vanilla base infused with coconut, gluten-free cookie dough and shredded chocolate chips; and, lastly, Chocolate Cookie Monster has chocolate sunflower seeds, gluten-free chocolate chips and gluten-free chocolate cookies.

In addition to the three to-die-for new flavors, the ice cream shop is holding a SoCal-wide #showmeyourgoodies contest with up to four winners who will win free ice cream for a year. To enter, simply post a photo to the ‘gram of your favorite Kula pint and tag #showmeyourgoodies.

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