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Kové + Kula Collaboration

We love partnering with other local San Diego businesses to make our great products even better! Earlier this year, we heard about Kové, a Hard Yerba Mate company. We loved their commitment to sustainability and sourcing transparency, and best of all we loved their DELICIOUS flavors! Oh, and did we mention that their ingredients are vegan, gluten-free, AND organic?

Through Kové, we were introduced to Wallace Ranch, a 100% certified organic Dragon Fruit farm in San Diego. Wallace Ranch is known for the full-bodied flavor of their Dragon Fruits. We learned how to cross pollinate the different varieties of Dragon Fruit--with names like American Beauty, Physical Graffitti, and Dark Star--and how to grow them, which obviously included eating (many many) Dragon Fruit to understand the difference between the different varieties.

Later, we went back to Kové's headquarters to process the fruit! We peeled Dragon Fruit (which surprisingly is very similar to peeling a banana), and learned about the process of fermenting Yerba Mate.

Then, the Kové team came to our kitchen and we made ice cream together. It was such a blast to work alongside each other to create *ice cream magic.* We made two different ice creams with the Kové team that we are so excited to share with yo

Dragon Fruit Sorbet is inspired by (and created from) the Dragon Fruit from Wallace Ranch. The deep magenta color of this ice cream is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Mango Colada is our favorite cashew + coconut based ice cream infused with Kové's Mango Colada Hard Yerba Mate and swirled with house-made mango sauce.

Join us Friday, October 15 from 4-10 at the Kové tasting room for the launch party for this exclusive line of ice cream. Pints and scoops will be available at the launch party. A limited amount of scoops and pints will also be available at our storefront as long as supplies last. But, neither of these flavor will last long so grab some pints while you can!

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