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Community Spotlight AND Gluten-Free Recs in SD

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Today we are featuring two of our most loyal customers, Kendra and her Gluten Detection Dog Suki!

Kendra was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2017, and has struggled with gluten cross-contamination in restaurants since then! Luckily, she now has Suki, a Portuguese Water Dog who works to check Kendra's food, medicine, and personal care products!

Kendra first found Kula at the Little Italy Farmers' Market and was overjoyed to find the shop in Mira Mesa. Her favorite flavors are the coconut-based ice creams and the fruity sorbets. Kendra says, "As someone with Celiac Disease who is also dairy free, it is so wonderful to find ice cream that I can actually eat without worry of it making me sick." She even celebrated her birthday last year with a Kula gluten-free chocolate cake topped with cookie dough ice cream!

Suki also benefits from Kula, as she enjoys the occasional pup cup!

Here at Kula Ice Cream, we are proud to be a safe, gluten-free food establishment for the gluten-free and Celiac community. To check out Kendra's recommendations for gluten-free food in San Diego, click here. For more information about Kendra or Suki, visit their blog: Suki PWD.

Photos Courtesy of Kendra Williams.

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