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The Scoop on our Community Spotlight

What defines a community? Is it the common interests we share or the location that connects us? Are we able to find community wherever we are and wherever we go? And is there an inherent need for community for humanity?

Yes, yes, and yes!!

According to Aristotle, “citizens of a community ought to be partners and pursue a common good. The highest good of all is the happiness and virtue of all citizens. Thus, the community is to create a platform that would make it possible or feasible for the citizens to achieve this happiness and virtue.”

Here at Kula, we value our community by offering scrumptious vegan and gluten free ice cream, while featuring a wide variety of nut, seed, coconut, and sorbet bases. We strive for inclusion and connection with each and every customer that walks through our door and believe that happiness is just one lick away.

Speaking of happinness, there are two regular customers that frequent our storefront in Sorrento Valley who always bring laughter, joy, and good vibes when they visit. Their names are Charlene and Rex! They are a married couple who are local to San Diego, CA. We at Kula are featuring Charlene and Rex because they are people who work diligently and care for their communities and their hearts are bigger than a pint of Kula ice cream!

As a way to honor Charlene and Rex in our community, we decided to share a little about themselves in a form of an interview:

Tell me a little about yourself? What do you do for fun? Do you have any hobbies or sports interests?

Char- I'm a major goofball who loves telling Dad jokes, taking pictures, and trying out new vegan/gluten free recipes.

Rex- I enjoy long walks on the bowling approach (avid bowler). I'm a lifelong outdoorsman who loves hiking and adventuring.

What is your favorite flavor of Kula Ice Cream and why?

Char- Mint Chocolate Cookie (Or is it mint chip and cookies? Whatever it's called- please bring it back!!!) because it's minty, chocolatey, and chock full of delicious cookie chunks. It's a party in my mouth!

Rex- Lava Cake and ALL other flavors because Kula ice cream rocks! Everything I've tasted tastes like the real deal- creamy and flavorful with exciting textures!

You’re at the very bottom of a pint of Mint Chip and Cookies, who gets the last bite?

Char- I do...obviously!

Rex- I dare not touch Char's Mint Chip and Cookies.

Paint a picture in words describing your earliest memory of indulging in ice cream. Who was there? What did it feel like? What flavor were you eating?

Char- it was a warm, summer day. I chased the ice cream man down the street and he handed me a cold Flintstone push-up! I took one lick and it tasted like an icy, creamy orange- an embrace from the sun- pure magic!

Rex- it was just me and my tub of Great Value cookies and cream, dimmed lighting and Teenage mutant ninja turtles 'toons on the TV. It was true comfort.

How did you come across Kula Ice Cream? And what attracted you to us?

Char- We first tasted Kula ice cream at the Encinitas vegan pop-up. We were hooked once we realized how much all the flavors tasted like the real thing!

Rex- Went to the vegan food fair, tasted the ice cream and the rest is history!

What are some goals of yours in the near future?

Char- try as many Kula flavors as I can, continue to manage my health through a plant based diet and lots of physical activity, and travel more!

Rex- complete my Master's, start my PhD and spread the Kula love

Kula means community in Sanskrit and we love including everyone to enjoy ice cream. What does community mean to you? And how do you give back to your community?

Char- To me, a community is a network of people who support, encourage and care for each other. I work with a community of military families at Camp Pendleton and give back by donating my time ensuring their kids feel loved and supported everyday.

Rex- Community to me is all whom I care for. I donate time and resources to many organizations from student orgs at Cal State San Marcos to Autism Awareness. And, my line of work affords me to indirectly care for patients.

We here at Kula are super grateful for your continued support Charlene and Rex!! Thank you for also sharing your stories! So what is community you ask?

Well, according to Charlene and Rex, community is a network of people who support, encourage, and care for each other, and what better way to do those things while enjoying your favorite pint of Kula Ice Cream!

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